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what is the maximum number of recipients i can send to?

Our free plans are currently limited to 50 recipients. The paid one-time upgrade allows for sending up to 250 recipients. The subscription plan allows for monthly sending of up to 10,000 emails per month.


Support is reserved for our paid app subscribers, using a email list should be simple enough. If you would like to dicuss our premuim services, please contact us below.


Are updates free?

Updates are free with the Managed App. If you purchased App Access, then updates are free up till the next major version, eg. version 4.x, 5.x etc. Major versions don’t come so often, so you’d receive more new features in free minor versions than major ones.


Can i customize the subject lines?

Yes, when you send an email  via the Group List, the subject will be automatically added to your Group List title.


can i use grouplist to send spam?

No. We have a strong anti-spam policy in place to protect the reputation of our network. Sending unsolicited bulk email is a violation of our acceptable use policy.


Can i see if recipients have read an email?

Only with the subscription plan to get access to tracking and reporting functionality.  We do not offer any tracking or analytics with Group Lists.


Do you offer any free trials on the paid app?

While a address for up to 200 recipients is available for free. We do not have a free trial of our paid app service. There are no contracts with any of our services and there is also a 30 day full refund if you are not happy with the product.

We make emailing a group as simple as can be

Through our years of managing email networks, we have learnt a lot about the complex rules applied. At Group List we aim to manage the complex parts and provide a really simple mass email solution for you to get the word out.


Connect a community in an inclusive, convinient and synonymous way.


Mask email recipients and control how replies are handled.


Make it easy for a group to connect without new software or app.


Control who has permission to send to your list.

Why Upgrade to the paid app?

While we offer a email address to send to up to 200 recipients free of charge. We also offer a paid email marketing tool and other email marketing services that is more suited for promotional emails.

Easy Web App

You can access the digital marketing app on the Web via this URL:

If you are not sure of the password, it can be reset on the login page.


Third Party Integrations

GroupList integrates with many popular apps like WordPress, Magento, Joomla etc thanks to third party developers. GroupList also works with Zapier.

Blacklists + GDPR

Enabled blacklists and block domains, as well as enable GDPR features to allow the app to be fully GDPR compliant.

Bounce, complaint & unsubscribe handling

Keep your email lists clean effortlessly as bounces, complaints and unsubscribes are automatically handled in real time once your email newsletter is sent via our email marketing software.

easy to use app

Our email control panel is really simple to use. Simply sign in and start sending to your list.

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