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Email is an open and widely used communication platform on the internet. We aim to make to the process of sending email to a group as easy as possible. We take care of the email complexities and give you an easy to use, easy to customize email newsletter solution to keep in touch with small groups. For larger mailing lists, there is an app to take your contact group to a complete email marketing application.


Add emails to your list

You can copy and paste in a list of emails or import a csv file.

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Add up to 200 emails to a single email list for free. These emails can be in a list format, one email address per line or you add an Excel .csv file to be imported. A template of the .csv for import can be downloaded here.

Set your

Create your own address for easy sending.

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Reserve your own email address for sending to a particular group of people. Perfect for creating groups at work or groups of friends that are looking for a simple way to connect.


Configure permissions

The members of your Group List receive your email and depending on permissions set can reply to you or the whole group.

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When a Group List is created, there are two choices for how replies are handled.

One option is that each recipient on the distribution list can reply and replies go to all recipients.

Or there is another option to allow recipients to send personalized replies back so only select senders recieve the replies. It is also possible to control who can send to the Group List email address.

Send and delivered

Send to your entire group from your phone, tablet, computer or an device you can send an email on. Simply send an email to your personal address and it will go to whole group.

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No email client is required, and an authorized sender on the list can send a message from any email enabled device such as:

  • smartphone
  • Mac, Linux or Windows computers
  • Email clients like Outlook and Mac Mail
  • Gmail, Yahoo and other Webmail services
  • Corporate services like Office 365 and Exchange

What GroupList users are saying

GroupList is a great way to send a group emails to select contacts without having to filter through an address book or use the BCC field. Saves a lot of time and works every time.

Gina Hopkins

CEO of Extra Space

It is so easy to just type in your email and send mail to a group of people without exposing everyone’s email address. The permission controls make this the ideal choice for my email groups.

Christopher Hopkins

CEO of Monarch Inc.

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Planning to send email to a larger group?

We also offer consulting on email best practices to ensure you are meeting compliance and have the best tools for what you need.