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Setup Email Alias

Protect your primary email address by creating an email alias

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check the spam folder of mail?

There is no spam folder with an alias as there is no mailbox. Mail is filtered for spam and any mail caught up in a filter cannot be retrieved. 

How long will the email alias remain active?

Our free email aliases remain active for as long as you need. 

Can I add an alias address to any existing email account?

Yes. When you set up an alias, you will add a mail address for the mail to forward to. This can be any existing email address and does not matter if it is being sent to Gmail accounts, a yahoo/hotmail or even a work email address. Usually when forwarding mail to a gmail address, there is a permission setting required. This is not the case when using a GroupList alias. Simply enter your email address and the once the alias is active, mail will start forwarding. 

Can I upgrade my alias so that I can send mail through the alias?

Email aliases are only for receiving email. If you need to send mail from @GroupList instead of just being able to receive mail, take a look at our email plans.

To enable sending through your email alias, you will need to purchase a mailbox through and select as your preferred domain and then set the alias address as a mailbox. 

Can I create multiple email aliases?

Yes. There is no limit to how many email aliases you create. You can also forward an alias to multiple email addresses. Each alias can only forward to 3 additional email addresses. If you need to forward to more email addresses, take a look at our free distribution list solution.

Can i see if recipients on my contact list have read an email?

Only with the subscription plan to get access to tracking and reporting functionality. We do not offer any tracking or analytics with Group Lists.

Protect yourself online with a disposable email address

  • No need to sign up or register
  • No password needed to create an alias
  • Masks your real email address
  • Permanent forwarding to your existing email
  • Private and non-public email
  • Protected by premium spam filtering