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Create a Group List


Add emails to your list

You can copy and paste in a list of emails or import a csv file of select contacts to add members to your Group List.

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Add up to 200 emails to a single email list for free. These emails can be in a list format, one email address per line or you add members to a list with an Excel .csv file to be imported. If you have a lot of email in your address book to import, a template of the .csv for import can be downloaded here. Once you have the CSV file with your email addresses from your Outlook contacts or global address list, upload to the group click save you you will have a Group List created.

Set your

Create  a contact group​ with a address for easy sending.

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Reserve your own email address for sending to a particular group of people. Perfect for creating groups at work or groups of friends that are looking for a simple way to connect.


Configure permissions

The members of your Group List receive your email and depending on permissions set can reply to you or the whole group.

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When you create a distribution list (Group List), there are two choices for how replies are handled.

One option is that each recipient on the distribution list can reply and replies go to all recipients.

Or there is another option to allow recipients to send personalized replies back so only select senders receive the replies. It is also possible to control who can send to the mailing list email address.

Send and delivered

Send to your email message to entire contact group from your phone, tablet, computer or an device you can send an email on. Simply send an email to your personal address and it will go to your contacts list.

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No email client is required, and an authorized sender on the list can send a message from any email enabled device such as:

  • smartphone
  • Mac, Linux or Windows computers
  • Email clients like Thunderbird and Mac Mail
  • Full support for Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016
  • Gmail, Yahoo and other Webmail services
  • Corporate services like Office 365 and Exchange

Frequently Asked Questions

what is the maximum number of recipients i can send to?

Our free plans are currently limited to 200 recipients. The subscription plan allows for monthly sending of up to 10,000 emails per month.

Are updates free?

Updates are free with the Managed App. If you purchased App Access, then updates are free up till the next major version, eg. version 4.x, 5.x etc. Major versions don’t come so often, so you’d receive more new features in free minor versions than major ones.

Do you offer any free trials on the paid app?

While a address for up to 200 recipients is available for free. We do not have a free trial of our paid app service. There are no contracts with any of our services and there is also a 30 day full refund if you are not happy with the product.

Can i customize the subject lines?

Yes, when you send an email  via the Group List, the subject will be automatically added to your Group List title.

can i use grouplist to send spam?

No. We have a strong anti-spam policy in place to protect the reputation of our network. Sending unsolicited bulk email is a violation of our acceptable use policy.

Can i see if recipients have read an email?

Only with the subscription plan to get access to tracking and reporting functionality. We do not offer any tracking or analytics with Group Lists.

Group List allows us to send emails free of any powered by branding that allows us to focus on our message.


Planning to send email to a larger group?

Our Email Newsletter is capable of sending millions of emails. It is easy to use so pretty much anyone can send out a message to the group.